Sunday, June 6, 2010

LSDJ Keyboard

Messing around with some of the unique functions on the LSDJ keyboard I ghetto rigged the other day from an old generic DMG to color cable. hahah

Because I wasn't using a DMG 07(4 player adapter) link cable I had to switch a few pins in the cable to give it some power (it wasn't powered, which the keyboard needs to operate) not to mention the keyboard to find out what cord was what. but all in all it was worth it! You can do some very unique things with the keyboard, that you might have a hard time thinking of, or just getting to sound right with LSDJ.

I used this diagram to figure out what wire/pin went where if anyone is interested and needs help just ask!

Videos below of it in action!

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  1. damn foo this is crazy keep it up dont stop ur getting sumwhere