Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LSDJ beat

Just messing around with LSDJ

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Backlit GBC + Internal sound mod

A few days ago I did an internal pro sound mod on the GBC (because the normal prosound for the GBC looks like CRAP) but the internal one came out quite nicely the gameboy looks completely stock on the outside but has a much more bassy sound then my other non modded GBC's. The backlight I did from following this guide, Used a broken SP i had lying around and I have to say it turned out great! I used Capcomposers guide found here for the internal pro sound. might upload videos later or something if i get bored enough, or decide to stop being a lazy retard and sitting on my ass all day, too lazy to blog on the interwebz.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

LSDJ Keyboard

Messing around with some of the unique functions on the LSDJ keyboard I ghetto rigged the other day from an old generic DMG to color cable. hahah

Because I wasn't using a DMG 07(4 player adapter) link cable I had to switch a few pins in the cable to give it some power (it wasn't powered, which the keyboard needs to operate) not to mention the keyboard to find out what cord was what. but all in all it was worth it! You can do some very unique things with the keyboard, that you might have a hard time thinking of, or just getting to sound right with LSDJ.

I used this diagram to figure out what wire/pin went where if anyone is interested and needs help just ask!

Videos below of it in action!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Testing out my new DMG and LSDJ cart

Messing with LSDJ sync function, seems pretty legit!

P.S. anyone got a DJ mixer?

Pro sound grey brick

Today I used my 2nd pro sound mod kid purchased from Nonfinite to mod my grey brick!
As you can see it's pretty simple, just have to get a 1/8th inch jack, soldier on L R and Ground onto the bottom 3 pins near the oscillator and Hazzahh!!

DMG output VS Pro sound mod output

I'm retarded and Didn't put the game in on the first try but I got it eventually!
The pro sound makes it have a higher output(volume), and makes it a have bit more bass.
Hazzahh! !


I bought a few pro sound mod kits from Nonfinite a while back and yesterday I finished my first successful pro sound mod! When i first put it all back together and tried to boot it up I was skeptical if it would work. I'm not the greatest with a sautering iron and I thought I might have made the plastic start to melt. But it worked! hazzahh!! I will post a sound example of the pro sound mod vs the normal DMG output shortly. :[]